Luminous Skin Whitening

Cutting-edge skin whitening range that works in synergy to imparts a fair, even and luminous complexion. Our holistic approach to address the various causes of melanin production and skin darkening, not just about inhibiting tyrosinase activity.

Safe and effective, it helps boost skin’s microbiome at the same time.

Products include:

1. Cleanser
2. Facial Toner
3. Treatment Essence
4. Treatment Cream
5. Renewal Serum
6. Protection Cream

Whitening and Hydrating Mask


Our masks series is specially formulated with a blend of actives to replenish and support your skin’s microbiome which plays a major role in impacting the skin’s well-being, appearance and feel.

Our microbiome formulation protects the skin’s microflora, keeps the good bacteria in and the bad bacteria away from your skin.

Combined with our unique blend of botanicals, it inhibits enzymes to prevent production of dark pigments and pro-inflammatory factors that leads to skin darkening. Concurrently, it hydrates the skin and promote skin renewal for a fairer complexion.

100% fragrance- and alcohol-free, it is ideal booster for a whitening regime.