Basic Skincare Ritual

The Basic Skincare Ritual (BSR) series is your foundation steps to healthy, beautiful skin; it cleanses, tones, moisturises,repairs and protects. Pregnancy-safe, it is gentle and suitable for expectant mothers throughout the pregnancy.

After just 28 days of usage, clinical studies have shown significant improvements in:

1. Increased hydration and moisture

2. Firmer and more plumb, youthful-looking skin

3. Reduction of wrinkles

4. Increased skin stem cell metabolism

Stem cells have shown 85% increase in metabolism activities in just 2 days after usage of BSR. A higher metabolism means skin cells are able to rejuvenate more quickly.

After just 11 days, the percentage of surface occupied by Collagen I and Collagen III has increased by 170% and 194%

Reconstructed Human Epidermis (RHE) were stripped to mimic the barrier default of the skin. Usage of BSR causes a dramatic improvement of the epidermis differentiation and maintenance of the skin barrier. This results in:

1. +89% of lipids content

2. +57% of protein content

3. +36% hydration

In just 28 days, there is significant and visible improvements in hydration, and anti-aging effects:

1. -30% reduction of wrinkles

2. -24% total surface of wrinkles