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What Makes Us Unique?

Our experimentation efforts started when we could not find sustainable and workable skincare solutions for our skin anywhere beyond marketing hype. Being desperate, we tested with herbs and plants. With unwavering patience after repeated disappointments with plant extracts and formulation failures, combined with an extraordinary dose of serendipity, our skin finally cleared up.

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100% Sustainable Plant Based Ingredients

No silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrance, and colors

No animal testing




Ivy W.

After using the product for about 2 Mths+ now, I must say I'm a die hard fan. The foaming cleanser is amazing, mind blowing in fact, to know that I don't need the squeaky clean feel in order to know that my face is thoroughly cleansed.

The gentle moisturising effect after cleansing is refreshing, Not to mention the lovely scent of the revitalising tonic. My fav product of all is the cell repair lift serum. I love it that I don't wake up to a 'greasy' or 'sticky' feeling like most serum does. In fact it's totally absorbed almost right after application. Its like I can feel the repair works on me immediately! Totally addicted!

I'm moving on to place my next order and trying out their mask too! Thanks for creating such an awesome skincare range!

Jennifer C.

I've been trying out Recherche' products for about 3 months. Love all the products.

Firstly I find the products hypo-allergenic in which none of the product irritates the skin, no redness nor breakout. And they are effective keeping the skin firm, smooth and youthful.

The Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse has beautiful scent and it leaves the very refreshing. The Nourishing Cream keeps the skin moisture and the Cell Repair Lift Serum keeps the skin tight. The Protective Hydrator keeps the skin from the sun damage or other types of rays.

Can't wait for other products to be available in the market!

Dawn Young

Must try skincare line!

I only share products I believe in to my followers and Recherché is one of them!

Love that so much research has gone into their ingredients and everything is natural.

Been using their 5 step basic regime, my skin is looking great and all the florals smell amazing to boot!

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